Useful Links for Fellow Senior and Disabled Dog Parents
The following links will take you to the other websites and web pages that are helpful caring for your senior and disabled dogs.

Informational Links:
          Great online dog care health library in many different topics such as behavior, nutrition, poison control and many more!
          Get your free emergency pet alert sticker for your home! Prepare yourself in case of disaster before that happens.
          This is the link to our previously sent Senior Pet Care Newsletter archives. There are full of information on common ailments of senior dogs, as well as dog wheelchair information.
          One of a kind pharmacy that developed wonderfully convenient supplements for degenerative myelopathy affected dogs.

Great pet forum sites:
          Very nice pet forum from England. Chat with other pet owners and share your pet photos!

Our Quality Sites:
          Trusted #1 Direct Source for High quality dog collars - Leather Collars for large and medium dogs
         Source for discount pet supplies, PetSafe wireless fences, dog doors and much more.         Wendy is a Pet Lifestyle Advisor. Check out her interesting website.
         GingerLead is a dog harness that is recommended by vets, which provides support and control for small and large dogs recovering from surgery, or suffering from a debilitating injury or condition.
         For pet owners who live in Cowley County, KS, this is a great kennel with caring staff. Their very clean and spacious kennels will keep your pet happy while you are away.

The-DHN is an organisation of many hundreds of complementary therapists. We are spread all across the world and volunteer to give our time freely, accepting requests for help to ease the suffering of all who ask. This service is free and without obligation.