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Email from Lindy in PA
I can't thank you enough for all of your research and help. You have gone above and beyond in customer service. I will let our vet look into all of this and see what he thinks. For sure we will recommend you to all of our friends. We will be in touch,

Note from us: Lindy's dog, Zoey, has very special diet needs. It has to be low in fat, protein, and phosphate. She's looking for some foods and treats that Zoey can enjoy without compromising her health. If anyone has some recommendation, please let us know so we can forward the information to her. We appreciate your help!

Kay at Senior Pet Care Products

Email from Alice in KS
I just wanted to let you know how happy we all are with our new Solvit Houndabout pet stroller. I bought it for 3 of our 5 rescued dogs (4 chihuahuas and 1 miniature poodle), because Lucrezia is old and overheats easily, and Sophie and Friedrich are very unsocialized and timid. I thought it would help with their socialization if I could take them with me when I walk Lana, the poodle. They figured it out quickly and now get so excited when  the stroller comes out of the garage - they hop right in and can't wait to get going. The cabin is big enough to easily fit all three of them and it has plenty of "windows" for them to look out. All of our dogs take turns sleeping in the stroller when it is parked out on the patio.
Because we are surrounded by gravel roads I thought plastic wheels wouldn't hold up very long, so these bicycle wheels are perfect. The stroller is quickly disassembled and fits into my little car (along with my husband and the 5 dogs)  without a problem - something I was initially worried about. Now we can all go to the coffee shop together!
Alice, Tom, and the crew

Email from Andrea in TX

HI, Kay. We receievd the cart and gave it a spin yesterday and today. Already, Venus is starting to walk in it! She is nearly 14 and has been a front leg amputee since she was one. She did very well for many years but, at this age, has a hard time standing for long. We are hoping she can get more exercise because of the cart.  The only issue we have had so far is that she has flipped on her nose a couple of times because she put her front leg between the bars in front on the bottom! She wears a ruffwear harness at all times and we decided to run the strap through the handle. That seemed to work well.
Thanks! We will keep you posted!

Email from Bonny in Canada

Here are a couple pictures of Flopsy in her new critter wheelchair.  She took to it right away and licked her caretaker's hands the first time she went for a run, which is quite unusual.  She goes in it every evening for about 3 hours and 2 or 3 times each day of the weekend.    
She's chewed through the harness in a few places, so we're trying to figure something new out.  Other than that, it's a huge success!  Thank you!

Email from Heather in NH

I donít know who was more determined me or her that she was going to walk.  The wheelchair gave her confidence and she took her first steps two days before Christmas last year.  She looked like a foal trying to stand but she did it and of course fell but that didnít deter her.  Everyday I would take her out of the wheelchair, massage her legs and she would take a step, flop over but never gave up.  By January she was walking (wobbily) and didnít stop.  She totally amazes me.  She cannot stand me being out of her sight and now climbs over a half door I have separating the kitchen from the living room.  She is walking, running, playing and making up for the 4 months she couldnít do anything.  My vet is amazed that this is the same dog I carried into her office last September.   I have learned a lot from her and I will NEVER give up on a dog.  Her determination amazed me and I tell everyone her story.  She cannot walk a straight line, has restless leg syndrome but so do I so we make a great pair.   She is my buddy, my angel and my miracle.


Thank you for helping Lulu walk again.

Heather and Lulu

Email from Becki & Chris from TX

Thank you very much for informing us about the wheels of the cart we ordered. The wheels that were put on are just fine. We are very pleased with our purchase. Our dog is already using it and seems to be getting around well.
Thank you,
Becki & Chris Carson

Great portrait of Jellybean from NTRS (North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary)

Jellybean is a brown & white Dutch mix rabbit that was found abandoned with a broken back and ribs in Oklahoma City. He was paralyzed in his lower back and legs. Both his rear legs had to be amputated.

Here's the video of Jellybean exploring in his Critter Wheels

Email from Donna in
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my dog's new wheel chair.  I was prepared for a training period, but she got right in and started walking.  It is now three days later and she was chasing squirrels up a tree today.   I don't know what the future will hold for my sweet dog, but I know that the mobility she has recently acquired has made her life better.  She is wagging her tail and happy again and that makes me very happy.  Thanks again for all of your help.  I will definitely recommend this product to friends.
Donna Giglio -Terranova

Email from Dawn in CO
Thanks so much for my wheelchair!  My dog finally got real sick with bloat in June, and I did put her down.  But man, did she enjoy the cart for all those months!  Right away it was a huge mood lifter for her and convenience for me.  For the first few months she would walk in it by herself for hours in the house everyday - & this for a dog who had declined to being stuck just lying on a mat for about 2mo before we ordered & received the cart.  The later months, she did slow down a lot on walking herself in the cart, but she would cry until I hooked it up to a lead and pulled her around the house or yard several times a day.  She was so much more content as her life wound down becasue of that cart, and I feel certain that we got to have her with us several more months because of it. 
Thanks again!  Dawn Badolato

Lucy and Katie from the U.K.
Enjoying a ride in Pet Gear Expedition Stroller!
Email from Diane for MAX in the U.K.
Hi from Diane. Well the wheelchair arrived and I am very pleased with it. Poor Max can't make head or tail of it. I took him for a short 10 minute walk and can see by his progress its going to be slow but sure. At least he tried in short bursts and didn't seem to panic in any way.
I had trouble trying to work out the harness, I had it every which way but the right one, but I got there in the end, I think. I am very grateful to you all at senior pet care, I am sure that in time Max will find his feet and be able to walk, if only short distances. In turn it will also help him to exercise and hopefully lose some weight and gain more strength.
Thank the Lord for people like yourselves, best of everything to all of you. In time I will send you some photo's of Max in his chair. Once again, many many thanks.

Email from Jennifer in CO
I just wanted to thank you for the new tummy supporter, ish....once I put her in it I couldn't even keep up with her.  Thank You Thank You so much!! I know she is much happier now she can be outside with the others dogs and run with them. Again thank you!!

Jennifer Cossey, a very happy customer:)
Email from Chloe's mom from MD
Received Chloe's new chair, put her in it and she took off with her tail going a mile a minute. This chair enables her to eat and use the bathroom without being held. She is even playing with the grand children and a big ball.Thank you for giving my loving little dog a better life, Bless you both.
Email from Pixie's parents from KS
We recently purchased a wheelchair for our disabled pug Pixie.  Now we are able to take her for a walk for the first time in two years.  She is so happy to visit the neighbors again!  
Thanks from three happy customers! 
Alan and Candi Jackson and Pixie
Loken from KS
According to his mom, he's a
VERY rambunctious 2 yrs old :)

Email from Southern California Bulldog Rescue

 I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for your donation which made our Howl-O-Ween party and fundraiser this past Saturday such a huge success!  

It was wonderful for all of our volunteers to be able to re-connect with the dogs that have come through rescue and with their adoptive families.  Your kindness and generosity have made it possible for us to continue our work caring for and re-homing an ever increasing number of dogs.

All the best,
Aileen Ward

Email from North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary (NTRS)
(Jellybean was rescued after he was abused and thrown into someone's backyard. After the operation, his legs were amputated, and was kept in the basket until one very nice lady donated our Critter Wheels to Jellybean)
   On afternoon it was a momentous occasion for North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary. Jellybean got his wheels for the first time and it took only 30 seconds for him to realize that he could get around. A big thank you to all who have helped in Jellybean's recovery. Read about his remarkable story on NTRS's web site. In the meantime, take a few minutes and watch his 'first' steps. We thought that you too would like to see Jellybean.

Email from Lulu's Mom in NH
(Lulu is a rescued little puppy from a kill shelter, who had an adverse reaction to some medication and has developed severe neurological problems. We built a little cart for her and did very well and needed a replacement frame to keep her going!)

That was so nice of you.  Thank you but you didnít have to do that.  We are waiting!!  She is trying so hard to get up and walk but those back legs just arenít cooperating. Thank you again for all your help.  I would recommend you to anyone.  I called a couple of places but they werenít willing to help at all.

Heather and Lulu

(Then, we received this happy email about Lulu from Heather again. We were so happy for her!)

LULU is walking on her own for 2 weeks now.What a determined pup she is.

Email from Janka's Mom in Hungary
   Janka got her quad yesterday! :-) Everything is ok with it, my brother said assembly was really easy. I hope this wheelchair will help Janka's strengthening. Maybe she will never be able to run again, but I believe in her distinct improvement! I just wanna say a big thank you for your kindness and for everything! Thank you! I appreciate it!
Have a lovely evening!

Best regards,
 Email from Nicky's Mom in CA

I just wanted to Thank You for building Nicky her wheelchair.She is up and moble once again.We added front wheels to keep the weight off her disc.She now takes off like a rocket.Nicky no longer has bed sores she is regaining muscle in her legs and she is gaining her body weight back she is eating better.Nicky is so happy now.I decorated her wheelchair with jewels and flowes to match her pink harness.My other dogs were shocked to see Nicky running around but I think they are happy she can run around with them once again.I can't wait for Nicky's vet to see how much she has improved since she recieved her wheelchair. Thank you so much, Angela
Letter from Cassie's Mom in PA

Hello Kay ( I hope I heard your name right??),
    Just writing to let you know that the quad chair came today. I am about to start fitting my dog Cassie in it.; he will be so relieved. Thank you so much for all your terrific help with this process. The chair is very cute and suits him well. If I ever have a need to buy another chair I will certainly order from you. All the best to you.
Martha DiSarlo and Cassie the American Eskimo doggie

Nikki, Peanut, and Ziva from OR
     Nikki                                                              Peanut & Ziva

Peanut was born with spinal deformity that keeps her flat on her left side, but can use front legs.
OMG.....thank you so much for such a nice kart for Peanut!!!  It fits her nicely. I had her to stand in it for 30 minutes yesterday - having a piece of cheese in my hand to temp her..........Peanut did GREAT!!  With a lot of work I bet I can get her to move around on her own in the near future.
 Please thank everyone for me that help with Peanut's kart. And again thank you for all your help.

Queenie from NJ
Queenie participates in Tracking, a non-competitive sport for dogs. For more details on Queenie's story, check out our blog space!

Ella from England

So sincerely grateful for Auntie Kay's help in sourcing me a stroller to help me lead a more fulfilling life with my epilepsy and bad back legs.
Loads of Luv,
Ella, Labrador (aged 9-and-a-half).xxx

Update! Ella got her Pet Gear Stroller arrived in UK.
Ella hasn't traveled so far around the town for years - I've had to pay for expensive town centre parking to get her to a cafe, sit and have a coffee a tiny wander and then home. Thanks to the stroller, we were there all day! It's quite literally changed our lives! Now Ella can travel further - and so can we. More fun for all!

Letter from Sassy's Mom in IL
     Just wanted to let you know we got the "wheels" today.  After a few minutes of me fumbling to get her in correctly, she took off like a greyhound!  She was so excited to zoom around with the other pugs.  We did a little crashing into chairs, doorways and cats but she was having a ball.  The cats quickly figured out to RUN AWAY FAST!!!  I think this is one of the greatest things I could have done for my Sassy girl.  She quickly ran out of breath and was huffing and puffing so short times in the chair until she builds up some stamina will be the order of the day.  I can't wait to get her outside to go for walks again. 
     Thank you for this product that was within my budget so I can successfully help my fur kid enjoy her life again instead of just watching the others run and play.
                                                                                  Cindy  &   Sassy    

Bella from FL

Hello, we received our dog wheelchair very fast and had no problem putting it together. Our dog Bella took to it right away with no hesitation. She is so happy she gets to run around again. After just a few simple adjustments were made she was comfortable and cruising. I can't thank you and your team enough for providing affordable wheels to my best friend. I have attached a picture of Bella and my wife cruising around in the park. I also have video but, the files are too big to send. Thanks again.
           Clay Maples

Lucrezia, Josephine, Sophie, & Lana from KS
Josephine                              Lucrezia

Sophie                                                                                    Lana
Hi, Lucrezia, Josephine, Sophie, and Lana would like to thank you for providing them with healthy and tasty food and treats! They are in great shape for their age, naughty and very active - the quality products obtained from your website make a big difference. The proud parents love the customer service, the variety of products, information, and easy ordering process. We can always be sure to get the best from this site. Thank you so much!

Alice, Tom, and 4-legged kids

Nash from FL
Sugar                                                Camelot

Hanna, Nikita, Lucky, and Ricky from VT

Lucky               Nikita

 Heinrich A.K.A. Ricky

Costner (behind his mom), his brother & his sister from NC

Titan (3-legged Wonder Dog) & Sheba from KS